Potential for US-China carbon trading from the electric power sector


Peter P. Rogers, Karolin Kokaz, and B.J. Liu. 2000. “Potential for US-China carbon trading from the electric power sector.” Pacific and Asian Journal of Energy, 10, 2, Pp. 171-183. Publisher's Version


The results from a non-linear optimization model for China's electric power system are presented. The model determines the optimal capacity-expansion path of the power sector by calculating the least-cost investment strategy for the required additional capacity to meet the predicted electricity demand and environmental goals. It is suggested that it will be difficult and expensive to reduce 2010 carbon emissions from the Chinese power sector since it necessitates a switch from traditional clean coal technologies (CCTs) to more advanced CCTs. In addition, the potential for carbon trading with developed countries and the sector of the Chinese economy appears weak.
Last updated on 07/31/2019