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2018 Feb 12

Q&A Session: China's Environmental Challenges 2018: Summer Undergraduate Research Assistantships in China

5:00pm to 6:00pm


Pierce Hall 100F, 29 Oxford Street, Cambridge

Interested in researching in China this summer? Join Harvard-China Project staff and a participating Tsinghua University professor to learn more about our research assistantships opportunity.

The Harvard-China Project on Energy, Economy and Environment will provide generous financial support for six Harvard undergraduates to spend the summer in China conducting research on China’s energy and environmental future under the guidance of an English-speaking professor at a leading university, from June 15 to August 16, 2018...

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2017 Nov 28

Film Screening of "Plastic China" and Q&A with Director WANG Jiuliang

6:30pm to 8:45pm


CGIS South, Tsai Auditorium, 1730 Cambridge Street, Cambridge, MA

plastic china partial poster

After the screening, Director WANG Jiuliang will attend via Skype for a Q&A with the audience moderated by Professor ZHANG Ling of Boston College and the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies. The discussion will be interpreted by Canaan Morse, a Ph.D. candidate in Chinese Literature at Harvard. 

Boston-area premiere co-sponsored by the Harvard-China Project on Energy, Economy and Environment, Harvard Paulson School of Engineering and Applied Sciences; Environment in Asia Series, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies; and Emergent Visions Film Screening Series, Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies.

Free admission to the film screening is made possible through the generous support of the Harvard Global Institute.... Read more about Film Screening of "Plastic China" and Q&A with Director WANG Jiuliang

MEP meeting


August 30, 2017

2017年8月4日,中国气候变化事务特别代表解振华主任在其北京的办公室举行了研究和政策咨询会,会晤哈佛大学中国项目的Mike McElroy和Steve Wofsy教授、项目执行总监Chris Nielsen、前哈佛大学中国项目学者张红军博士(霍兰德奈特律师事务所),以及鲁玺教授(清华大学)。议题包括:中美处理气候问题的现状以及地区政府在气候问题治理中日益重要的作用;中国不同地区碳排放控制能力的差异;碳市场与碳税收政策各自的优势和混合碳定价政策的前景;以及尝试用地球工程来解决气候问题所带来的高风险。... Read more about 同解振华特别代表和李干杰部长进行高层次会晤

Haikun Wang, Yanxu Zhang, Xi Lu, Weimo Zhu, Chris P. Nielsen, Jun Bi, and Michael B. McElroy. 2017. “Trade‐driven relocation of air pollution and health impacts in China.” Nature Communications, 8, 738. Publisher's VersionAbstract
Recent studies show that international trade affects global distributions of air pollution andpublic health. Domestic interprovincial trade has similar effects within countries, but has notbeen comprehensively investigated previously. Here we link four models to evaluate theeffects of both international exports and interprovincial trade on PM2.5pollution and publichealth across China. We show that 50–60% of China’s air pollutant emissions in 2007 wereassociated with goods and services consumed outside of the provinces where they wereproduced. Of an estimated 1.10 million premature deaths caused by PM2.5pollutionthroughout China, nearly 19% (208,500 deaths) are attributable to international exports. Incontrast, interprovincial trade leads to improved air quality in developed coastal provinceswith a net effect of 78,500 avoided deaths nationwide. However, both international exportand interprovincial trade exacerbate the health burdens of air pollution in China’s lessdeveloped interior provinces. Our results reveal trade to be a critical but largely overlookedconsideration in effective regional air quality planning for China.
Mario Molina lecture photo

诺贝尔化学奖得主Mario Molina博士就北京和墨西哥城空气质量发表公开演讲

February 10, 2017

2017年2月8日,诺贝尔化学奖得主Mario Molina博士在哈佛大学科学中心发表公开演讲,讨论并比较了超大型城市的空气质量问题,现场人头攒动、座无虚席。聚焦于墨西哥城和北京的案例,Molina博士认为各城市之间应该互相学习、取长补短,并且认为基础性科研仍然是创造性地解决空气污染问题的关键所在。本次公开讲座由哈佛大学中国项目发起主办,并由哈佛环球学院、哈佛大学环境中心及哈佛大学T. H. Chan公共卫生学院环境健康系联合赞助。
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“中国2035年”系列讲座特邀迈克尔·斯宾塞(Michael Spence)、罗伯特·佐利克(Robert Zoellick)和陆克文(Kevin Rudd)为讲座嘉宾

June 5, 2014

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beijing air pollution


January 10, 2017

哈佛大学中国项目执行总监Chris Nielsen先生与项目经济学家何文胜博士在《财富》杂志(包括《财富》杂志中文版)发表专栏文章,阐述了中国处于红色警报级别的空气污染情况之所以如此难以遏制,其背后被低估了的原因是什么。这些因素各种各样,与大气化学、气象、经济、政治等方面都有关。... Read more about 《财富》杂志刊登何博士和Nielsen总监有关中国空气污染困境的专栏文章